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Happy New Year!!! The Naturalistas had a busy year last year exploring Santorini, Athens, Mykonos, Punta Cana, and Even doing Run Disney for the first time, among many other trips. In 2018 we are planning even more. One of the greatest things about our travel from 2017 was that we did a lot of group travel. We all know how group travel starts with 10 and ends with 2, but that’s another post!! Read below to find out where we will be heading this year.

Naturalistas-Punta CanaBachelorette New York 2017- Naturalistas



  1. Austin, Texas: Tamika will be a mentor at the South By South West EDU conference in 2018. If you plan on attending the SXSW EDU Conference happening March 5th through the 8th, make sure you schedule a session. Or just check her out if you are in the area.
  2. Johnson, Tennessee: Since we always blend work with play, Naturalistas will be in Tennessee attending another conference.  With Johnson City having great outdoor activities we are looking forward to checking out some trails and doing some hiking, and even visiting the Gray Fossil Site and Museum.
  3. Tampa and Orlando Florida: We are big kids at heart so Disney is never a bad idea. We are planning on visiting Universal Studios and Disney World.
  4. Spain: Visiting Spain has always been on the list for the Naturalistas. We are excited to be visiting and exploring. We are looking to take a much needed and  extended vacation.
  5. Mediterranean Cruise: Another trip that has always been on the list is a Mediterranean Cruise. The ports will be Naples, Italy; Rome, Italy, Florence/Pisa, Italy; Cannes, France; and Palma Majorca, Spain. Super excited about exploring, and all the wine that will be consumed!!
  6. Miami, Florida: Well who doesn’t want to visit Miami. We have visited before, but this time we are going to celebrate a family member birthday. So we are planning to have some unforgettable fun!
  7. New Orleans (Essence Fest): I mean if you never wanted to go to Essence Fest, seeing Girl’s Trip would have changed your mind. We are taking a Girl’s Trip of our own. Looking forward to attending some of the conferences, hearing some great music, and of course  beignets!!!
  8. Aruba: Many of the trips we take, we do a lot of exploring and planning. This trip will be different. We are planning on relaxing and taking some much needed rest and relaxation. But, we will definitely indulge in a party or two.
  9. Las Vegas: Our yearly staple!! Las Vegas has become a trip that feels like going home. There is always something new to do and plenty of shopping, and shows to take in.
  10. California: This year we are planning to head to Los Angeles again to visit friends and enjoy some time exploring and hanging out at the awesome beaches.

So far, these are the trips we have planned. There may be a couple of mini trips which will pop up in between. Where are you planning to go in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!!



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