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I know we have all seen it. The person walking through the airport with a carry-on and they seem to not have  a care in the world. Then there is you, pulling the heavy luggage through large crowds, pay fees to check luggage or because your baggage is over the minimum fee. Or even worse unable to find your luggage, which is one of the worst ways to start a trip.

As the travel industry has changed, there are more benefits to being team carry-on. Outside of the overall hassle, these are the benefits we have found from being Team Carry-On

5 benefits of Carry-On:


    1. Save some coins: Who does not like to save money!!! If you travel as much as we do checking bags can add up. Some fees are up to $50 a checked bag and if that bag is overweight you are looking at an extra $75…that’s a plane ticket!!
    2. 2. Navigate through the airport faster: There is nothing like running late and having to check your luggage, and make it through TSA to get to your flight.  We have  seen so many people miss their flights and we have even missed an international flight due to having to check luggage at a connection.  Carry-on baggage saves time.
    3. No Lost luggage:  You finally make it to paradise after a long flight and your just ready to change into your swimsuit, and take a dip into the pool. Well, that’s not happening because unfortunately your luggage did not make the flight. I have had this happen to friends and it is so inconvenient. You pretty much spend the first part of your trip locating your luggage.


  1. Easier transition for connection flights:  You booked your international flight home, layover is only an hour, great, you get home faster…wrong!! When you have to go through customs and recheck your luggage you run the risk of missing your flight, especially if your initial flight was late. If you had a carry-on bag, it could be smooth sailing to your connecting flight.


  1.  Safety of items in luggage: Have you ever watched baggage handlers toss your bags onto the plane and think…this can’t be good. I know when we travel we bring back great souvenirs and the better the souvenir the more fragile!!  When you carry-on you do not have that risk of broken or stolen items.

Each airline has different requirements for what is considered a carry-on. You will see bags of all different shapes and sizes. Now, Carry-on for us is not always possible. If we are going to be gone for an extended vacation or anticipate bringing back some items for the region we check our bags.

Have you took a trip with a Carry-on? We would love to hear why you like or don’t like carry-on luggage!



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