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Visiting Paris in Winter

I have always wanted to go to  Paris. I was drawn in by the Culture, the Fashion, the Attractions, so why not. And what better time then for my Flirty30.  So let’s start with the perks of visiting in Winter. First it is off season, that means less tourist, lower prices, shorter lines.  So we were able to negotiate some great deals while on the trip.  The weather was very similar to Virginia. It did rain every morning, but that usually occurred before we started our day, and temperatures were fair around 50F.

DSCN0801 DSCN0805 DSCN0800 DSCN0804

We arrived early morning, seemed like the people of Paris were just getting their day started. We were able to see some of the city on the car ride to the hotel including street art, and views of the City that we were not going to see while visiting.

The Mecure Paris Centre Eiffel Tower Hotel 


I was able to get an awesome deal at the Hotel Mecure located walking distance from the Eiffel Tower. I am all about a great deal , in combination with the time of year traveling, and finding some great deals on Expedia, I was able to book the hotel and round trip flight for five days for less than $1,200.

View of the Eiffel Tower from the Hotel Mecure.

The hotel was cutely decorated for the holidays. There were beautiful trees up around the hotels, and there was no lack of color.

Posing next to this super cute tree!!
Posing next to this super cute tree!!
Decorations in the lobby

Moulin Rouge

Of course you can not go to Paris without seeing the Moulin Rouge. Have to say it was a very good show. Though, some locals told us that there were other burlesque shows around town that were better.

The World Famous Moulin Rouge




The Louvre Museum

By day two we were masters of the city. We used the Paris Metro App (Android & Apple) to help us navigate through the subway systems, and the ECab app (Android & Apple) for taxis.

We have found that public transportation is a lot cheaper, and allows you to see much more of the city. We even had an awesome cab driver who turned off the meter and gave us a free tour on one of our outings.
Musee Du Louvre
Having fun outside the Pyramid entrance of the Louvre


No lines louvre
There was a very small line, we waited maybe 20-30 minutes to get in, as compared to typical waits of about an hour to an hour and a half. Perks of off season travel.
Beautiful architect
Louvre Palace

And of course inside we were able to see some breath taking Art. The Louvre is comprised of five different floors, with many different areas it can take days to explore all of the Museum. We took in some of the more popular art pieces.

Madonna and Child
The Crucifixion with Saint Dominic


And but of course the Mona Lisa

Much smaller than I thought, but still as beautiful.

Then there was the Eiffel Tower!!! we took some amazing pictures, Off season perks: no lines, in for little to nothing, and able to explore without crowds, all the way to the third level. Awesome.

The Eiffel Tower

Apparently the pick-pocketing is so bad in and around the Eiffel Tower it has become part of the safety tutorial.
Night time view of the Trocadéro Gardens.
Picture of the Eiffel Tower from the Trocadéro Gardens
Night time view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower






The Food

Last but not least let me tell you about the food. So, I have heard the controversy about french fries not originating in France (I know, you can’t believe it either), but with almost every meal we ate french fries were offered as a side.

2266 DSCN0889 DSCN0885 20141218_214331 20141218_222405

Food was delicious. And let’s not forget the wine. Found out that to get the good wine and libations you can go to a Nicolas (wine store) to find some of the best wines.

So this was definitely a great birthday trip, I will be returning during the Spring time to take advantage of the beauty of Paris, and of course will have to fight for views with the masses.   Have you been to Paris, or planning a trip? Naturalistas would love to hear about it!!! Be on the Look out for more on the Paris trip about the Black Paris Tour.


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