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Ok, Summer is on its way in, let’s look back at our Spring essentials we used to prepare for the warm weather to come.  We wanted to share with you some of our favorite beauty tricks for the spring. So we enlisted the help of our friend Aysha Cheniece stylist, and online boutique owner  compiled together her top 6 Spring Beauty Favorites used to stay fresh for the Spring.


  1. Let’s start with the morning, after a good night sleep I normally start with Prayer, or Meditation whichever you prefer, it helps me stay balanced. Most of the time once our feet hit the floor it’s off to the race, so take 15 mins out of your morning to set your day on the right course.
cerave cleanser

2. A fresh face is key and positive attitude are key, and speaking of a fresh face my first spring essential is a go to facial cleanser, I use Cerave Face Cleanser (here and here) which is non-comedogenic which makes it beneficial to all skin types and I follow with Cerave’ Moisturizing Lotion (here and here).

Shea Sugar Body Scrub

3. The BODY is our TEMPLE, and our skin is what protects us from the elements. With the transition in the weather it is important to exfoliate your skin to have that nice glow and to rid the skin of the dry, rough patch areas. My go to body scrub is Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub (which can be purchased at any local CVS, Walmart, and Target).

Coconut oil

4. You can also DIY your scrub with just three key ingredients 1) Sugar 2) unrefined Coconut Oil 3) An essential Oil in a scent you desire, my favorite is vanilla mix a generous amount until is the consistency of your liking and put it in a cute little jar and place it in the cool place until ready to use and there you have it a homemade body scrub taht should be on everyone’s beauty favorites list.


5. Once that your body is glowing feeling nice and smooth. Our hand and feet are key to some Spring time flyness. A good manicure and pedicure are awesome after enduring all the harsh eliminates of winter. A trip to the nail salon or DIY mani /pedi with a beautiful bright polish brings life to those nails.


6. My go to nail Polish is Sally Hansens Insta-Dri (here and here) for the days when I can’t wait for my nail try dry. I also like Essie Polish because of this brands beautiful Hues s/n I still love Chinchilly!!

What were your favorite beauty tips for the spring, we would love to know ♡

Beauty Favorites Contributor


Iaysha Everett aka IceBoogie aka Ace from NY relocated back to VA after almost 10yrs in transition with the VA lifestyle. Correction Officer with an up and coming vintage/thrift online site BEClassic along with a styling venture Be365classic, were i just recently booked my first client. I am coming into my own and figuring this thing called life out.Im loyal to my famoly and friend and basically to know me is to love me. I keep it cute but always enjoy a good hood spot. Im growing in my walk and faith with God and most importantly Im learning and loving ME! ICE

Aysha Cheniece

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