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Tipsee Tuesday: Be Prepared for International Travel. We all get excited when it is time to take that next journey. We have packed clothes, shoes, passport, but do you have everything you really need. Here are a few of our tips for preparing for International travel:


*Documentation: So you have your passport, great!! But it is expiring in a couple of months. Many countries will not allow you to enter if you have a passport on the verge of expiration. You make sure you check, and also know if you need a visa. Countries like Australia, and mainland China.


*Entrance and Exit: Yes people, in some countries there are fees to enter and exit. While they many not require a passport for example Chile requires a $140 fee, so just be mindful when planning and budgeting for your trip.


*International Driving Permits: Yes, there are some places who do not accept your U. S. driver’s license.  So, if you plan on renting a vehicle or driving through, be mindful of whether you need a permit. You can obtain this permit from AAA.


*Electronics: There is nothing like arriving in Europe, and not being able to charge your cellphone or camera. Trust I know, it has happened to me. I forgot to pack my outlet converter. Thank God I was able to get one from the hotel.


These are just a few of our tips, do you have any tips for preparing for international travel? Let us know.

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