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Tip-See Tuesday: Why Fall travel is the best time to travel. Summer is coming to an end….but the great part is Fall is on it’s way. Here is our top tips for why traveling in the Fall is best.


  1. Savings: Traveling in the Fall is cheaper because in many places it is the off season, especially in the Caribbean Islands. Who doesn’t like to save money?! But make sure you book by December as prices will jump back up for the new year.


  1. Less traffic: Traveling in the off season you don’t have to deal with the crowds. That way you are able to enjoy more activities. Also, prices are cheaper for activities, you can find many specials during the Fall.


  1. Scenery: All the leaves are changing colors. and there is just something about the Fall that makes you want to stay outside.  I recommend Upstate New York, Tennessee, or California. I will actually be heading to back to California in September and I am excited.


Where are your best places to travel in Fall? Stay tuned for a post on our Top Places to visit in the Fall.




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