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It’s Tip-See Tuesday: Don’t Worry Be Appy.  And no that’s not a typo!! We are talking about a few of our best travel apps we use while on the go.

* Tripadvisor app: Available on Android, Iphone, and the web. Pretty much gives you a review on almost anything travel. We review all the places we visit, and post to Tripadvisor.

*Itineraries app: For example Expedia available on Android, Iphone, and the web. Apps like Expedia helps you keep up with your itineraries. TripIt is also a good app, and you can even go pro for about $50.

*Transportation apps: UBER, and LYFT are available on Android, Iphone, and the web. There are many different cab apps, so it’s always best to do a search prior to leaving. For example, while in Paris we used G7 app, which was very convenient.

*Communication: WhatsApp available on Iphone and Android. Great app to use over Wifi, avoid those crazy phone bills.

*Dining: OpenTable available on Android, and IOS. Great for finding local restaurants, getting reviews, and reserving seating.

These are just a few of our favorite apps. What apps do you use when traveling?

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