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Taboo much, maybe just a little! But mixing business with pleasure on business trips can be  a lot of fun. You surely didn’t think we were talking about how to hook up with your co-workers? Having the opportunity to travel for work opens up opportunities  to get two trips in one. Who doesn’t like a BOGO? Here are our top 10 ways we recommend that you get the most out of that business trip.

Mix Business and Pleasure

1. Planning:

Well, the primary purpose of the trip is for your job, so plan your excursions around, and after business. We would hate for you to lose your job, for mixing business and pleasure!!!

2. Find activities:

Look up the area before arrival, see what the night life is about. For example I recently attended a conference in Charleston, South Carolina and had a ball. I looked up tours and activities prior to arriving, so I could make sure I found ones that would meet my schedule, and if I needed to arrange pickup. Try sites like Tripadvisor and Viator to score great deals, and see feedback from others.

3. Determine transportation needs:

Whether it is or not in your budget, car rentals, or driving can give you added freedom to move around and explore. Our go to for car rentals, especially if I am not being reimbursed for the rental is Priceline. Name your price baby!!! If driving is not an out find out what transportation options are available.

4. Enjoy hotel accommodations:

Ok, so you may not have the freedom between meetings, and activities to explore the location. Check out what the hotel has to offer. If you can pick your own hotel, choose one, where there are  activities, such as spa,  or pool where you can entertain yourself after business hours.

5. Enjoy the food:

Take the opportunity to enjoy the local foods. Look up some restaurants that have dishes that you may only get in that area.  Headed to Key West try the Key Lime Pie, or the Buffalo wings, in Buffalo New York.  This is also a great way to explore the local area.

6. Bring a friend:

Or your boo!! While your co-workers may be ever so fun, sometimes its nice to take that break from all things work. Many times when I travel, I have a whole room to myself, and plenty of room to share!!  Also, bringing someone along can add to the fun!! ( just know your jobs policy on bringing guest).

7. Extend your trip:

If possible try to arrive a few days early, or stay a few days after. That way you are able enjoy the trip without compromising your work duties. Plus, if you are traveling somewhere far, or where you have not been before, this is a good way to squeeze in a trip.

8. Relax, Relate, Release:

You work hard!! Take this opportunity to get extra sleep. Or enjoy a spa day if you have extra time.  There is nothing like a little relaxation, with limited interruption!!

9. Have a drink

If your hotel has a bar, indulge a little. There is nothing like a good drink to wind down from work. Ask the bartender for local specialties to try.

10. Most Important!!! Know your work policy: Be aware of your work policy, what’s allowed and not allowed!!!! The best part about work trips is having a job that sends you on work trips!!!


Let us know about your experiences with work trips, and what are your favorite tips and tricks!!!


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