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So who doesn’t want to save money? Said no one EVER!!!! Finding cheap flights might seem like a myth. We all hear about them, we see are friends score great deals, and wonder….why can’t I ever find these flights. You miss hours of sleep staying awake to the wee hours of Wednesday morning waiting for those great deals, but the remain elusive. We are going to share with you some of the tips we have learned to finding great flights, at a low price.

Our Top 10 List to get CHEAP flights

  1. Join travel groups: Hello!!! If you travel as often as we do, you should already be in a group. Many of our fellow wanderlust post deals they find, and any flight glitches.
  2. Stay up late: okay, so I know we joked about the staying up late, but for real you should try it. What’s 5 hours of missed sleep for your dream vacation!! No brainer.
  3. Clear the cookies: And no I am not talking about for your diet!! I am talking on the Internet. Have you ever noticed after you look up something on the Internet, that the next time you search for something you get recommendations you have looked for in the past. Yea Creepy, lol. But airlines site get the information, and can see what you have been looking for, and where you have been. Some say this can impact flight prices you may see. Not sure, but I delete cookies any ways, can never be to safe right?! Another option is searching in Incognito mode on google.
  4. Loyalty: There are perks to being loyal people!!! Flying with the same airline, you rack up points/miles. These points and miles can translate into free or reduced prices.
  5. Rewards Credit cards: It’s all about the points!!! Rewards credit cards can add up to free flights, check to see which offers the greatest show benefits for your travel needs
  6. Plan: I know this may be a foreigner idea for some , but planning really help. Many airlines offers the best deal when you buy at least 6 weeks in advance. This is not for committmentphob traveler.
  7. Use Search engines: This will take some time, but can be worth it.  for example,  Priceline allows you to Name Your Price. But you can’t really control the time, and amount of stops. And make sure you read the fine print before committing. This may not be for the faint of heart.  Some of the other sites we recommend are Google Flights, and Skyscanner
  8. Alerts: Sign up for alerts for the lowest prices on the sights you shop the most. Duh
  9. Be flexible: Ok, put away your yoga mats!! I’m talking dates.  If possible search for the cheapest dates to travel typically Tuesdays & Wednesdays, which are also the best days to buy flights!!
  10.  Travel voucher: Flights change all the time and what you think may be the best deal may change. Sites such as Cheapoair and Southwest.

What are some ways you have gotten cheap flights. Let us know!!



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