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Maryland, Maryland, Maryland. Where to begin? Growing up, I have always wanted to get to Baltimore for some unknown reason because apparently that’s where all the excitement was. Well when I grew up, I realized, it’s just Baltimore. No shade to any of my Baltimoreans…if that’s even a word. Lol. But even with it just being Baltimore or it just being Maryland, there are still interesting things to do there. So for family, you have the Baltimore Zoo, The Baltimore Harbor, The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum, and the Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards just to name a few. I stumbled upon these treasures this summer as I was going crazy trying to find something for my boys to do. They hadn’t gone anywhere all summer and I didn’t want them to have the crappiest summer ever because they hadn’t done anything awesome. So my husband and I packed up the car and set out for Baltimore and the trip turned out to be nothing short of amazing.

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We even got caught in the rain at the zoo and that couldn’t even put a damper on our trip. Not to mention we got to take cover from the rain in the stalls with gorgeous giraffes. I think I was more excited than the kids. There were penguins, flamingos, elephants, giraffe, and a polar bear…a freaking white polar bear. It was so awesome.

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Our hotel was amazing sitting right in the harbor and the Sports Legend Museum was right around the corner and the boys loved that. So I’m not sure what all the hype was about when I was younger because I probably wouldn’t have appreciated the adventure then as I did on this trip.

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Since there was a wax museum with people that look like my little boys, we had to visit. That was definitely a history lesson in itself.

But that was what Maryland had to offer for the family, what family adventures have you taken in Baltimore. Share in the comments below.




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