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So in the summer, my husband and I took our boys to Baltimore, Maryland. We had so much fun in Maryland, we decided to go back for our anniversary.


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I’m not much of a gambler, but I am a shopper and they knew exactly what they were doing when they built Maryland Live next to Arundel Mills. That is an absolute adult playground. On this trip, it was just the hubby and I celebrating our 5th year of marriage…whew Lord. The casino was nice. It’s not a Vegas casino, which my husband constantly compared it to, but it was nice. We won a little money the first night, then our lucky streak was over the next day.

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The mall houses the Cinemark Egyptian movie theatre, so we stopped in for a quick movie and then headed back to our hotel for the Manager’s reception. One thing about a NOTG, you indulge in the freebies. Our hotel stay came with complimentary breakfast and an evening reception, to include two free drinks and snacks. You definitely want to stay in a nice hotel, but you also want to find one that offers perks. And not having to spend extra money on a meal and a few drinks was a huge perk.

Overall, the adult trip to Maryland was a blast and now it’s something we will be doing often. With that being said, I’m definitely glad my trips to the great state of Maryland didn’t come until I could appreciate what it had to offer. Until next time Naturalistas….


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