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When we travel there are a few must haves that we keep in our travel bags. My personal bag when I travel has all of my essentials. I take certain things when the flight is long to keep me entertained or get some extra work down. Check out what’s in my bag below!!

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  1. Bag

Having a comfortable and cute bag is one of my essentials. I have many Kate Spade bags that I travel with, but this one is my fav!! It fits everything comfortably and so cute I also bought in blue and white stripes. You can find a similar one here.

2. Laptop Bag

A great laptop bag is essential. I work remotely, so having my laptop is a must. I have a Surface Pro and I found this compact bag perfect for travel. You can buy the same one here.

3. Snacks and a water bottle

I often try to bring my own snacks, something a little healthier than the pretzels offered. I also bring an empty water bottle to get through TSA and then fill it up. Flights can make you feel so dehydrated, having a good water bottle is a must. You can find a similar one like I use below.

4. Refreshing Spray

This spray is so necessary when traveling. I always feels stuffy and tired after a long flight. I spray this spray and leave the flight looking refreshed and energized. It is a must have for travelers.

5. Lip Balm

In addition to feeling stuffy, having moisturized lips should be a must. A good lip balm should always be in your bag. Check out the one I use below.

6. Favorite Sunnies

Turks In Caicos
In Turks and Caicos with our Sunnies!

Sunnies are a must. I always keep a pair or two in my bag.

7. Comfy Shoes

When traveling I do a lot more walking, those 10,000 steps get blown away before the morning is out. Having a comfortable pair of shoes is a necessity and you can’t go wrong with Adidas!

8. Document holder

As you can see my document holder has some miles on it, but I carry it with me often. Though most items are now online, I keep receipts, money, and back-up itineraries. You can find a similar one here

9. Notebook

This notebook has actually just recently made it in my bag. It was a Christmas gift from someone who knows me so well. I love how you can plan out your next trip, and jot down about places I eat and visit to share with you guys. Check out this one, it will get you journaling in no time.

10. Charger and headphones

I am an avid reader, so having my headphones to listen to my audio books are must have. And that charger, plus my back-up battery are always helpful to have.

Did I miss anything, what are your carry-on must haves? Let me know in the comments below?

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